Live Ubisoft Support Experience



Live Ubisoft Support Experience

Hi guys,

long time no post? 

I hope that everyone is safe especially during these days. I have to say that there was not much going in my gaming career recently also due to postponing Cyberpunk 2077 - until December 10th. I hope this time they are going to make it, especially as their stocks are falling (if you invest, then buy CD Projekt Red stocks now).^^

In the meantime, while I'm was waiting for Cyberpunk I noticed that the new Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion games are going to be released by Ubisoft in one and the same month! 

At the begging, I would like to mention that this is not an advertisement for Ubisoft (and it is definitely not paid by them, by anyone actually :)). However, I realized, that they do have this new service called Ubisoft + which provides you with full access to all of their games for 15 €, even the new ones. The subscription is held for a month, thus if there are two new games released at the end of October and the beginning of November, and you subscribe by end of October then you may play both of them (Assassins and Watch Dogs) just for a 15 €. In this case, I have to say, it is not such a bad price if you consider that stand-alone 3A games are for 59 €. I went for it and here is where my story begins. 

First of all, I have installed their application, next to my steam, epic, origins, riot,, etc... called Uplay where I did the simple click on the Ubisoft+ tab.

Once I selected this option then another deal came up below this service:

...I was like, wow, I can even have another 20% off which I can exchange for Ubisoft coins - so that would lower the original price (15 €) of this service for another 3 € - I was like that is amazing! 

Unfortunately, this is not how does it work even if it's being advertised under the payment of this service! Anyway, I have exchanged my Ucoins for this discount - the code arrives in my e-mail, and then I was trying to find where I can enter the code to get this discount. 

Well, I was not able to because there is no such option. I double-check with the Ubisoft Support team, who truly redirect me to a website where this is being stated that you cannot use this discount for Uplay Plus. I was like, so why it's being advertised below the payment for U Plus? 

The answer was: "I don't understand - You can use this code for games - The code is going to expire in 3 months - You cannot use it for the Ubisoft+ service."

Alright, but I did not exchange my coins to have a discount on a game but for a service (no refund coins policy). Anyway, it ends up with a message if they can help with anything else? I replied with thank you for listening and ask them if they can remove it or write a note, that the discount is not acceptable for the Ubisoft Plus service. 

...not sure, if they are going to change it, but I still feel like it should not be there - literally, advertised under the payment of their U+ service for that you cannot use it anyway. Please, look at the picture and let me know if I'm crazy, but I literally thought it can be applied for this service too - if it's advertised like that.

In the end, I bought the service for a full price, as I was looking forward to playing the new Watch Dogs: Legion! 

Finally, I had the service, and I was able to click on the install the game! The game has around 60GB which is like 2-3 hours of download for me. Then I was able to click on the Play button, finally! I watched the first scenes, I enter the menu, I went to options to check my settings -> everything was good, thus I went back and click on the new game in the menu, while I was thinking what difficulty I'm going to choose - and suddenly happened!

Like a lightning from a blue sky, it kicks me out of the game with a notification that my subscription which I was solving for an hour with Ubisoft Support has expired - on the same day I bought it, while I was finally in the game clicking on the "New Game". cannot imagine how mad I was. I paid 15 €, and I've installed the game to be able to play it for a whole 10 minutes on the Watch Dogs menu. 

This time, it was so much easier for me, because I already knew how to contact Ubisoft support with another ticket that my subscription has ended on the same day I paid for it. However, because of the end of the business day already, all chats were closed and there was nothing much to do from my side - I decided to go to mad sleep with a note that tomorrow morning I'm going to solve it. Well, this is not the end and I had another surprise right in the next morning!

When I woke up the next day, I notice on my phone a bank notification that I was charged by 15 €. I was like, no way....that I'm charged twice Yup, that is exactly what happened! 

So, I did not have my 3 € discount, I have lost my 100 Ucoins and on top of that, I paid another 15 € to already paid 15 € subscriptions from the last day - this is my experience! On that day, I was telling myself, never again and that I should buy the game instead as it does not worth it all. I literally end up with minus 30 € with no acess at all and a message from the application that my subscription has ended. 

Once I successfully calmed myself by saying that this is just a bad joke I went straight to Ubisoft support to contact them again...and this time it actually went well (there was not much space left how it could go south after that). Especially, when I found the option for duplicated subscription regards to their service - I was like that they are actually aware of this issue which is happening - the rest was quite straight forward and the Ubisoft Support actually helped me this time by saying that I will get my refund (of those duplicated 15€) in 7 days by my bank. The next day my Ubisoft Plus subscription was also working, so I was finally able to play the new Watch Dogs.

Regards to Watch Dogs: Legion, I actually lost my mood to play this game by this experience and I even spent more time talking to Ubisoft support than actually playing the game, which I found pretty average - I kinda felt like I'm playing DLC for Watch Dogs 2, or IDK it may not be my cup of tea and I hope Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is going to be much better!

This is my whole story, my experience with Ubisoft in general - thank you for listening - everything works our well, but damn... it was not worth it at all, especially the time I spent on solving those issues.

In the end, I wish good luck to Ubisoft, especially with their service and in general for more stable service/servers and games without bugs.

Here is my free Ubisoft promo code, which I wanted to use as my 20% off discount for the service. Well, as I'm not able to use it then maybe you will find its purpose for Ubi games:

*Expires on January 28th.

Enjoy and have a good day everyone!

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