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Good day everyone,

today I found some time to play Anthem - open demo weekend. To be honest, I got this game in scope since the day it has been announced on E3 2017 I believe. Yep, this game got all my attention and hope, but is it enough?

As the game Anthem is coming closer to the date of official release (February 22, 2019). I've noticed of all the hate it's getting just because of EA (Publisher).

At first, I would like to mention, that this article is definitely not going to defend EA, like there's no doubt about it that their practice is wrong and not aimed to the gaming community at all (instead of business first).

You may be asking; where is my hope coming from then? Literally from the one company called: Bioware (Developer).

I still do remember their amazing game such as Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights or Baldur's Gate. I know, that some time has passed since these games, but regards to their latest release of Mass Effects Andromeda, I don't see many options for them to do another mistake. I believe that this is their all or nothing - this game is going to be super cool or super s*** thus I hope, that they have chosen the super cool way. Also, If this is going to fail, then EA will survive, but I'm not sure about BioWare reputation - let's not think about it and move on to the game review.

As I mentioned above I was playing free open demo already. That's the first step which is nice! Also, it does show some courage in my opinion. Even though I had some connection to server issue where I was staring at home screen for 10 mins...then I tried to restart the game and it was working fine.

Anyway, here is the list of positive and negative experiences in Anthem:


+ Graphics 
+ Crossplay - Not yet, but in the near future.
+ Gameplay
+ You Can Fly!
+ Iron Man Feel
+ Sort Of Talents
+ It's Actually Fun
+ Multiplayer Experience 
+ Javelin Customizations - There are Instagram profiles already which are focused on different colors of Javelins, e.g.: and my favorite one:


- NPC - There are a bunch of NPCs in the main town but none of them talk.
- Content - See below.
- Server Lags - I'm truly worried about this.
- EA Marketing

Regarding content - there are different variations of difficulties - something similar to Diablo 3 and their torments difficulties which provide extra exp. and loot. I hope this is going to be enough as I don't want to play 5 dungeons all over again.

...about the server lags, well, I have nothing more to say...I just pray it's not going to be an issue on an official release (February 22) as the open demo could have provided enough information that the servers are not stable!

Moreover, I've seen a lot of articles which are comparing this game to Destiny or Division. In fact, it's more like SkyForge. Is it bad? I'm not sure yet, but I would definitely recommend you joining free demo weekend available from February 1st to February 3rd - to make your own opinion.

In conclusion; please, don't hate this game because of EA, wait for official release and then we will see.

I believe that this game is going to be great, even if there's still a lot of work to do.

This article has been written 20 days before official release.

Thank you for reading!


~ Lucas


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