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my friend (Spidertisimo) and I have started to play Valorant on daily basis! I have to say, that even if I'm not into FPS games as I prefer RPG (like much more). I actually enjoy this game due to the slight RPG elements that this game has! I play as support called Sage, who can heal or even revive an ally - so OP! ...and at the same time, there is no other gameplay limitation and you can still carry the team like any other character there.


From the begging, I would like to mention, that we are playing Valorant for the past 3 weeks and urgently waiting for competitive mode. Yup, there is non yet - but as far as I heard and saw some game developers' answers. I believe that the ranked system will be available during the next month and I'm so looking forward to seeing my real level/rank.

Here are the ranks from beta testing (which actually break the records - over 3M players were testing the game).


I just hope, it's going to be better than IRON, lol. 

In a game, people are actually calling each other iron-man already! However, in this game, it's not really something that you want to be. So, just for the refernece^^

Also, in the past 3 weeks, I manage to gather a few of mine and friends' frags to create the Valorant frag movie ..., kinda slightly funny montage. I'm planning to do these on a regular basis, with a series called Happy Highlights, hope you will like it!

Here is my first video - called: Thanks for the Kari | Valorant - Happy Highlights #1

Thank you for watching! I hope you had some fun as we did during recording this game!

As always, have a good day and...

...feel free to add me in the Valorant!

Happy #9541

Take care,

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