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Good day to everyone from Sunday afternoon' quarantine!

It's been a long time since I post something new, however, I have been a lot of busy because of playing WoW Classic, the reborn version after 15 years of the first released on November 23, 2004.

I have reached level 60 Rogue with a focus on PVP only (one tap Amblush for 2000 damage). I have created two PVP videos from my PVP experiences, unfortunately, those were shutter down due to copyright music^^ I have played over 22 days in the past 4 months and achieved PVP Rank 7, called Blood Guard, aiming to Warlord rank. However, this is where it went south as it was such a try-hard, repeating no life experience week by week.

A few weeks ago, I have realized that all I do, is to log in to AV (now AB is available, but still does not help) every day, every week, for many hours. Then all I was doing so to waiting for Wednesday's PVP reset to see how much I did progress within my current rank. To be able to keep on this rank I needed to have at least 50K honors per week and any honors above were my rank progress. In total, 100K honors = 20% of progress per week within rank 7. This was the moment when I realized that I need to quit my current job to finish my WoW Warlord rank and become a full-time twitch streamer, ...or quit the game.

Well, in conclusion, I cannot try hard (like 12-14 hours daily) WoW anymore, even if I did enjoy the game experience and going through the old school leveling - like 15 years ago. Unfortunately, I cannot go allin WoW as I kinda enjoy my real-life experiences as well! :))

During my playtime, I was able to record two PVP Rogue - Undead videos called Spotlight. Unfortunately, those were copyright stricken due to music that I have used. Note for me; next time, I'm going to use Proximity's copyright free list. Also, with a combination of NoCopyrightSounds channel!

Anyway, if you never played WoW Classic and you don't need to go to work, plus you do have at least 15 weeks of free time, (for example, due to corona quarantine), then this is the right game for you, your family and your friends!

No matter if you are a PVP or PVE player you will love this game! :)

At last, feel free to check the Orgrimmar view from the end of February 2020!

Thank you for your time reading this, and cya in Shadowlands!

~ Lucas

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