Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human

Good day to everyone, 

today, I would like to review one of my new favorite games called: Detroit Become Human!


At first, I would like to mention that this game is for "free" on the PlayStation 4 platform within PS Plus Subscription.

There are 3 different PlayStation Plus memberships:

• $59.99 for 12 months
• $24.99 for three months
• $9.99 for a month

I got mine for 999,- Kč ($49.99) a year on black Friday...which is not much of a deal, but better than nothing I guess.

Anyway, once you obtain this game then you will not regret it (unless you buy it for a full price which is still very high $79 for the deluxe edition) at all!

Recommended price: $14.99


The gameplay is super great, I really enjoy those interactive movies where you may decide what will happen next - not like in telltales games where the results are still the same - no matter what path you go through. Here is everything much more on point - you are able to maintain your own choices which actually reflects the rest of the story - and yep, it's super fun as well, especially when you select some of the choices which you think that nobody has selected before and then you stare at comparison against other global players (once you finish a chapter) and you realize, that the rest of the players are the same psychopaths just like you! For a one time only, I was between those special snowflakes (below 5%) who have selected some "unique" way of solutions, thus the variables within the game are really great as well. 


The graphics of this game is beyond expectations - you must see some of my screenshots on Instagram! Also, I would like to share one in-game screenshot below: me, this is really good for PS4 architecture. As a high-end PC owner, I admire these game visuals a lot! Even if you may disagree with the details in the picture, try to check out some YouTube gameplays to be 100% sure as it worth that close real-life graphics experience.


No spoilers here, what I would like to mention or what I actually wish for - is that all players should have finished or at least seen someone playing this game for one full playthrough. The reason behind this game or let's say the purpose is really big as it shows a different world - literally - from different perspectives of (android) human rights. Especially Kara's story is a very deep and emotional playthrough even though my favorite one was Connor's storyline (I was not able to make a friendship with Hank, even if I tried to...). #tryharder

To have an introduction to DBH of Kara's story, feel free to see the video:

This game is like an adventure that fills you with those experiences/feelings that you will remember for a long time! It actually shapes your own decision and forcing you to really think - what would you do in this situation and even make you question your own decision! In a way of meaning, that you start to think, what if I would select a different path? What would happen then? Well, you may find out different choices as well, as you are able to replay chapter by chapter (which is perfect for trophy hunters as well) to find out what you have missed within the game. Detroit Become Human is quite short - in my case, it was only Saturday/Sunday afternoon time, but I do not regret it at all, and as I wrote above - all players should go through this game at least once! 

Long story short - thank you Quantic Dream for an amazing experience! :)

Our score: 9.2 / 10

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