Black Desert Online

Hi all,

Today I would like to review one of my favorite MMORPG called: Black Desert Online

In the beginning, I would like to mention that I have played this game for so many hours within two accounts, basically non-stop due to the game's mechanics which allow you to play "AFK".

In fact, I wrote this review in 2017 when I have started playing this game on Stream platform as well. I have played BDO on Steam for 199 hours in 15 days! I was so happy, but then I saw all those XIGNCODE3 comments so I have decided to make my own research and here is my conclusion:

I have heard if you uninstall BDO then the XIGNCODE3 stays in register manager; this was not my case, as I'm using "Revo Uninstaller" for uninstalling games which also successfully removed  "xhunter" from my system.

If you are interested in how to do the check by yourself, then please:

Press windows key + R -> type regedit -> press Ctrl + F -> type hunter; in case you have found: xhunter1.sys file then delete it from registers (please do not delete anything else also proceed only if you are 100% sure what you are doing).

If you are interested in what XIGNCODE3 does - follow this link:

…anyway I wanted to say that I have no problem if some background app is running as an anti-cheat guard but regards to XIGNCODE3 there were just too many negative comments - at 1st I was thinking a few people were trolling and I did not care, but the truth is that this game is actually supporting AFK playing and with all these things on…all the time…I have become less and less more confident playing BDO and XIGNCODE3 doesn't make it just to my PC but inside my head as well.

There is no official statement from BDO Team but there is so much hate on XIGNCODE3 all around the internet which just cannot be ignored.

Back then, I even wrote to BDO Team to write some statement for Steam players regarding these issues - also fix achievements...or the best option would be if they could change XIGNCODE3 to VAC-Secure system as we are used to.

Anyway, the game is great, I was lvl 58 ranger (twice), I was ranked in many of profession, I even donated in pearl shop but this is something that totally destroyed my gaming experience. Also, within the official BDO side, there was the only one information which says: "Xigncode is an anti-cheat program that is used to ensure fair and legitimate gameplay occurs within the world of Black Desert Online." …meanwhile, it does other tens of stuff plus the game support you to play AFK while this program is running all the time in background - it's just weird.

Even the creator of BDO has replied to my review:

PM Jouska  [developer] June 13, 2017, at 20.49


We'd like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts regarding Xigncode and we hope we are able to address your concerns. Please refer to the following discussion where we have provided more information about Xigncode and what it does for Black Desert Online.


If you still have some doubts, we've also collected the community's questions regarding Xigncode and submitted an FAQ to Wellbia (the creators of Xigncode). Once they've responded to the FAQ, we'll be making it into a sticky thread.

…unfortunately, [LINK] above did not provide any answer about Xing issue at all - as it was just another "FAQ" automatic reply system, saying the same like that one sentence about anti-cheat software on their website.

As I wrote above; the game is great, and I really like! ...but I don't really like the fact that it tracks so many things on your daily PC routine, especially if the game recommends playing AFK for whole days non-stop.

Black Desert Online is available on PC and XBOX. I have heard rumors that PS4 version is coming as well - then I may come back to play this game again (here I see another issue, as my PS4 system may overheat due to non-stop playing for many days in a row :)).

If I should rate this game then it would be easy 8 out of 10 due to fighting system, amazing character details, open world, pvp and griding system - yes, to me griding is not a disadvantage. Also, I'm looking forward to playing WOW Classic to grind there again as we were used to a few years ago!

Anyway, hope to meet you guys in BDO or in WoW Classic world soon - thank you for reading and have a good day!

Our score: 8,0/10




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